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Program Director, MA in American Studies, Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Race, Columbia University, 2014-
Instructor, University of Oregon (Robert C. Clark Honors College) 2011-2014         
Instructor, Gettysburg College (English Dept.) 2010-2011
Instructor, Louisiana State University (English Dept.) 2008-2010           


Ph.D.               Columbia University, New York, N.Y, May 2009, English
M.Phil.             Columbia University, New York, N.Y., May 2004, English                
M.A.                Columbia University, New York, N.Y., May 2002, English    
B.A.                 University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va., May 2000, English

Teaching and Research Interests:

American and African American Literature, poetry and poetics, experimental writing, cultural studies, Transatlantic Romanticism and Modernism, theories of race and ethnicity, theories of gender and sexuality, theories of comparative literature.

Book Manuscripts:

The Black Romantic Revolution: Abolitionist Poetics in the Civil War Era and Beyond, (under contract, Verso Books). 

Articles and Book Chapters:

--“Frederick Douglass and Romantic Prophecy: World Literature Between Liberalism and Abolition.” European Romantic Review. Special issue edited by Manu Samriti Chander and Patricia A. Matthew: “Alterities and Abolitionist Forms: Genres of British Abolitionist Literature, 1790-1830” (forthcoming).

--“Black Romanticism and the Lyric in Crisis.” African American Literature in Transition, Vol. 4: 1850-1865, ed. Teresa Zackodnik, Cambridge U.P., series general ed. Joycelyn Moody (forthcoming).

--“Poe’s Survival Stories as Dying Colonialisms.” The Oxford Handbook of Edgar Allan Poe. Ed. J. Gerald Kennedy and Scott Peeples. Oxford U.P., 2018. [link]

--"Black Byronism." The Byron Journal. 45:1, Summer 2017, pp. 39-54. [link, paywall]

--“Gertrude Stein and the New Failure Studies.” Twentieth Century Literature, 63:2, Summer 2017, pp. 191-212. [link, paywall]

--“Aguas Negras: The Poe Tradition and the Limits of American Africanism.” Comparative Literature, 67:4, December 2015, pp. 415-428. [link, paywall]

--“Music Physicianers: The Blues and the American Medicine Show.” Journal of American Studies. 49:1. February, 2015, pp. 1-18. [link, paywall]

--“Kindred Darkness: Whitman’s New Orleans.” Whitman Noir: Essays from Black America on the Good Grey Poet, ed. Ivy Wilson. Iowa City: University of Iowa Press, 2014, pgs. 54-81. [link to piece via google books]

--“The Glamour of Paul Laurence Dunbar: Self-Help, Bohemia, and Dialect Poetry.” We Wear the Mask: Paul Laurence Dunbar and the Representation of Black Identity. ed. Willie Harrell. Kent, OH: Kent State University Press, 2010, pgs. 98-115. [link to publisher site]


--“Presidential Purgatories.” Review of George Saunders, Lincoln in the Bardo. The L.A. Review of Books. (May 22nd, 2017). [link]
--“Miami Melancholia.” Review of Moonlight. The L.A. Review of Books (December 16, 2016). [link]
--“A Clanking Ride to an Uncertain Freedom.” Review of Colson Whitehead, The Underground Railroad. The L.A. Review of Books (September 10, 2016). [link] 
--James Monroe Whitfield. The Works of James M. Winfield: America and Other Writings by a Nineteenth Century African American Poet, Robert S. Levine and Ivy G. Wilson, eds. 2011. Callaloo 37.3. Summer 2014. [link]
--Wynton Marsalis and Geoffrey C. Ward.  Moving to a Higher Ground: How Jazz Can Change Your Life, 2009, and Robin D.G. Kelley. Thelonious Monk: The Life and Times of an American Original, 2009. African American Review 44.3. Fall 2011, pg. 512-516. [link]
--Nathaniel Mackey, Splay Anthem, 2006. Callaloo 32.4. Fall 2009, pg. 1378-80. [link]
--“Vallejo’s Songskeleton.” [review essay]. Atlantic Studies 6:3. November 2009, pg. 393-9. [link]
--Claude McKay, Complete Poems. ed. William J. Maxwell, 2004. Atlantic Studies 4:2. October 2007, pg. 305-7. [link]     

Invited Talks and Conference Presentations:

--“The Afro-Indigenous Frontier Romance.” Panel Title: “The Poetics of Emancipation.” C19: The    Society of Nineteenth-Century Americanists     Conference: Climate. Albuquerque, March 2018.
--Respondent and Co-Chair. Panel Title: “Non-White Romanticisms.” Modern Language Association Convention, New York, January, 2018.
--“The History of Ethnic Studies at Columbia and Project-Based Pedagogy.” Alternative Pedagogical    Practices Conference. Columbia University, October, 2017.
--“The Lyric in Crisis: Abolition and the Contemporary.” Not Going Back: Building Community, Resilience, and Power in the Wake of the Trump Presidency. The New School, New York City, January 2017.
--“Black Romanticism and the Lyric as the Medium of the Conspiracy.” Columbia University Seminar in American Studies, November, 2016.
--“Lyric at the Crossroads: Satanism and Genre in African American Poetry and Music.” Panel Title:   “Black Poetics.” Celebrating African American Literature and Language: Race and Resistance Conference. Penn State-University Park, October, 2016.
--“Black Byronism and an African-American in Haiti: On George Boyer Vashon” Caribbean Studies Association Conference, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, June, 2016.
--“The Tetrameter and the Eternal Tom-Tom: The Measure of Black Romanticism.” Seminar Title: “Why We Can’t Read Nineteenth Century Poetry.” C19 Conference, Penn State, March, 2016.
--“Black Byronism.” Panel Title: “Byron and America.” Byron Society of America Panel, Modern Language Association Meeting, Austin, TX, January 2016. --“Afro-Futurism and the Frontier Romance” Panel Title: “Speculative Poetics.” Modernist Studies Association Conference. Boston, November, 2015.
--“Self-Help Poetics, the Avant Garde, and Masculinity in Crisis.” Panel Title: “There is No Alternative: Radical Form in the Reagan-Thatcher Years.” American Comparative Literature Association Meeting, New York City, NY, March 2014.  
--“Modernist Failures and the Myth of Self-Help: On Gertrude Stein.” Panel Title: “Failure Studies.” Modern Language Association Meeting, Chicago, IL, January 2014.
--“Bootstrapping is Impossible: On the Unlikely Origins of Self-Help.” Faculty Lecture Series, Clark Honors College, Fall 2013.
--“The Blues and Popular Concepts of Medicine.” Panel Title: “Thinking Through Emotions: Literature and Medicine. A Narrative Future for Healthcare Conference, King’s College, London, June, 2013.
--“The New Science of Will Alexander.” Racial Representations: African American Literature Since 1975 Symposium, University of Oregon, April 2013.
--“Music Physicianers: The Blues and the American Medicine Show.” Faculty Brown Bag Series, Clark Honors College, University of Oregon, November, 2012.
--“The Poetics of Self-Help in the 1980’s: On Robert Bly and Haki Madhubuti.” National Poetry Foundation Conference on the Poetry of the 1980’s, Orono, ME, June 2012.
--“Kindred Darkness: Whitman’s New Orleans.” Panel Title: “Whitman and the Ultra-Contemporary: Between Crisis and Innovation.” Modern Language Association Meeting, Seattle, WA, January 2012.
--“Poe’s Southern Political Aesthetic in Latin America.” Panel Title: “Global American South.” Modern Language Association Meeting, Los Angeles, CA, January 2011.
--Lecture on William Faulkner’s Absalom, Absalom!, ENG 403, “Space in American Literature,” Prof. Stefanie Sobelle, Gettysburg College, March 2010.
--“Sickly Struggles: On Poe and Claude McKay.”  Panel Title: “Cosmopolitan Poe.”  American Comparative Literature Association Conference, New Orleans, LA, April 2010.
--“Inventing Paul Laurence Dunbar.” Innovation and Evolution Conference, Fordham University, October 2008.
--“Gertrude Stein and the History of American Personality.” Literature and the Weight of History Conference, Columbia University, April 2008.
--Guest presenter on Frederick Douglass’s “Self-Made Men,” Nineteenth Century Faculty Reading Group, Lousiana State University, March 2008.
--“Dunbar and Artistic Autonomy.”  Placing Poesis: The Work of Art and the Future of Literary Studies Conference, Louisiana State University, January 2008.
--“Jean Toomer’s Oceanic Feeling.” Feeling American Conference, New York Metro American Studies Association, November 2007.
--“The School of Gertrude Stein: Nationalism, Self-Help, and Simplicity.” The Idea of America: Dreams, Desires, Disasters Conference, University of Texas at Austin, September 2007.
--“‘So Glaring As To Be Certain’: Philology and Improvisation in Modern American Dialect Writing.” Improvisation and Text Conference, University of Virginia, April 2007.
--“Vagrancy and Self-Help in Whitman and Twain.” Panel: “Vagrancy and Criminality,” Midwest Modern Language Association Conference, November 2006.
--“Mark Twain in New York City: The Country Boy Made Good.” Conference title: Crash/Landings: Friction and Flow in the American City, New York Metro American Studies Association, Oct. 2006. 

Departmental Service:

Co-Organizer, New York Metro American Studies Summer Institute in Professional Development (Columbia University, Summer 2017).
Organizer, Visiting Lecture by Michael Henry Adams, (Columbia University, Fall 2016).
Organizer, “New Directions in American Studies” Speaker Series, featuring Johanna Fernandez, Jasbir Puar, and Nicole Fleetwood (Columbia University-Barnard College, 2016-).
Organizer, Visiting Lecture by J. Gerald Kennedy, (Columbia University, Spring 2016).
Organizer, Visiting Lecture by Alexandra Vazquez, (Columbia University, Spring 2016).
Organizer, “Race and New Media,” Panel discussion by Minh-Ha T. Pham, Ayesha Siddiqi, and Lisa Lucas (Columbia University, Fall 2015).
Co-Organizer, “Restaging the Harlem Renaissance: The Performing Arts in Black Manhattan Conference” (Columbia University, Spring 2015)
Organizer, Visiting Lecture by Edlie Wong (Columbia University, Spring 2015)
Organizer, Poetry Reading by Jennifer Tamayo, Trisha Low, and Latasha N. Nevada Diggs (Columbia University, Spring 2015)
Organizer, Brown Bag Talk, Alex W. Black, “Abolition’s Resonant Bodies” (Columbia University, Fall 2014)
Organizer, Visiting Lecture by Steve Roggenbuck (Clark Honors College, U.O., Spring 2014)
Coordinator, Honored Authors Series including Robert Pinsky, and Kathleen Graber (Clark Honors College, U.O., 2013-2014)
Faculty Representative, Admissions Committee (Clark Honors College, U.O., 2012-2014)
Professional Development Committee (L.S.U. Writing Program, 2009-2010)
Organizer, Americanist Dissertation Seminar (Columbia, 2005-2006)
Graduate Student Representative, English Department (Columbia, 2000-2002)

Related Experience/Training:

Mellon Colloquium on the History of Higher Education in America (Columbia, Spring 2006)
Teaching Great Books Colloquium (Columbia, Summer 2005)
University Writing Teaching Colloquium (Columbia, Spring 2002)